Equine Confirmation Photography

One of the really fun photo sessions I had this week was at New Spring Farm in Ocala, FL. There I photographed confirmation and riding for five of their beautiful young horses.

Photographing young horses are very rewarding and also challenging. Trying to get the right angles that accent their best confirmation is tricky. Not to mention trying to get their feet in place and ears perked. I had the owner of the farm running around with a plastic bag waving it in the air. That didn’t work on every horse.. of course, a couple were old hands at plastic and were not fased by it so my assistants had to be more creative with popping my reflectors or teasing with treats until they woke up.

All the horses were groomed immaculately and were the most beautiful specimen’s of the Trakehner breed I’ve seen. Not to mention their winning personality.

With confirmation and sales photography I always include head shots, left and right whole body shots and riding if appropriate. I love doing farm photography… especially when it helps sell the horse!

If you would like information and pricing on my farm sessions please see my website at:


Thank you and happy trails.

Karen Kennedy, Icon Studios Photography

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Update on the Little Guy… Jet

Funny, I walked outside today with my camera in hand because looking out the window I saw really great lighting behind my pony in the pasture and thought it would be a perfect photo of my new mini pony.

I first seen this pony at an auction about a month ago, he was the first on the block to sell and by the time I reached for my number to start bidding he was sold! Then after a few pony “deals” that fell through I was on craigslist and found him listed. Turns out the lady bought him for her Mom and she didnd’t want him so was reselling him. Yes, I thought it was fishy too, but bought him anyway, for the same cost as she bought him and she delivered him too. Yes, he had an infection and has been on antibiotics since I got him but, other then that he seems healthy and cute. Needs some handling so we’re working on that.. Anyway, I like him and Magnus loves him!

Back to my photo story….

Well, as some of you may know, ponies have their own ideas about things! First off, he wouldn’t stop eating and look up so I got terrible photos of him just eating.. what fun is that. Then I started chasing him around, that would be fine if I could just start running then make him keep running, but with a tricky pony who doesn’t want to keep running around (smart pony) it was me who was doing all the chasing. ha ha to me, does that mean he is smarter then me… oh don’t answer that one!

So, I did get one or two shots, but none that made him look as cute as he really is. You can see kinda how tall he is in the one by the 4′ fence with Kea. He goes up to my waist, a large Mini. I guess I need someone to come help me take some nice shots of him running around. He has this high step and is very cute. He’s only a yearling so I have lots of time to take good photos of him.

I talked to a bunch of driving people (in the horse world that is people who drive their horses with carriages) . I learned that you can start driving horses at two years, so yeah I only have one more year left then I can hook him up to a cart.

Anyway hope you like these pics of him, after shooting these I learned that he is actually clipped from the shoulders up his neck and his head. I guess I knew this but didn’t realize the clip lines were so apparent (see the pic of his head) his winter long coat is very brown, so looks like his summer coat will come in pretty black, yeah.

As I was waking away with my terrible photos I looked back at Magnus standing there watching us play and took this photo of him. Yes, he loves to pose for me. The pony needs training I guess.

See more photos of him and others at: http://www.iconphotosbykaren.com

Karen Kennedy

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Get Holiday Cards Done of you and your horse!

I have had a bunch of requests for holiday cards lately. I just wanted to write this and update everyone on the process of ordering your Holiday Cards.

These cards are very beautiful and easy to order. They make wonderful gifts and all your family and friends who receives your card will cherish them.

If I took pictures of you at a show, then it’s very easy, just go to your gallery on my website and click “Buy”. Scroll down to “create a card” and there you can navigate to pick your favorite design and add copy, it’s very easy.

If you have done a portrait sitting with me in the past then just email me and I will post your choice photo online and you can order by clicking “Buy”, then scroll down to “create a card” and there you can navigate to pick your favorite design and add copy, it’s very easy.

If you have any questions or if you have not done a sitting with me and would like to make an appointment then please call me at: 612-743-5968.

Some people who have already ordered a sitting from me but I don’t currently have the gallery on my website don’t panic! Just give me a call and I can put your images up again for you to order cards. There, wasn’t that easy!


Thank you and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Karen Kennedy, Icon Studios Photography

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Magnus Now Lives in Florida!

Well, at 2:00 AM this morning of November 9th, Magnus arrived at his new home in Anthony, FL. He traveled “first class” in a 10×10 box with 5 other horses aboard. TheĀ  truck was so big they didn’t want to drive up the back driveway which is not paved but is very wide. I think they would have been fine but it was dark and hard to see. As I was walking up through the back pasture to the barn with him, he was hearing cows, chickens, Parrots (the guy next door they talk all day and night) and goats.

He settled right into his comfy stall that I had ready for him. The trees by the barn drop acorns all the time so with the cows mooing the acorns dropping on the roof he was a bit nervous. He didn’t eat much but did chow down his grain this morning.

Anyway, he is here… safe and SOUND. Thank you Lord! I have him in the smaller pasture today so he can get used to grass as he has not been on much this summer. I have to get a water tank for the larger pasture anyway yet. There is water in all the pastures and I can’t wait for the back pasture with all the Live Oaks to be fenced.

Here are some photos of his first day here! He did run around at first but of course I didn’t have my camera ready… what kinda photographer am I?

Go to my website to see other cool pictures: http://www.iconsphotosbykaren.com


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Cracker Horse Auction

I did something very different yesterday. I went to an auction for “Cracker” Horses.

The Florida Cracker Horse, like the cattle breed of the same name, traces its ancestry to Spanish stock brought to Florida in the 1500’s when discovered by Spain. The genetic heritage of the Cracker Horse is derived from the Iberian Horse of early sixteenth century Spain and includes blood of the North African Barb, Spanish Sorraia and Spanish Jennet (gaited).

The free roaming Cracker Horses evolved over a long period of time by natural selection. They were molded and tempered by nature and a challenging environment into horses that ultimately were to have a large part in the emergence of Florida as a ranching and general agriculture state.

Florida cowmen were nicknamed “Crackers” because of the sound made by their cow whip cracking the air. This name was also given to the small agile Spanish Horse essential for working Spanish cattle. Over the years, Cracker Horses have been known by a variety of names: Chicksaw Pony, Seminole Pony, Marsh Tackie, Prairie Pony, Florida Horse, Florida Cow Pony, Grass Gut and others.

The breed’s survival over the last 90 years resulted from the work of a few families who continued to breed Cracker Horses for their own use. It was these ranching families and individuals whose perseverance and distinct bloodlines that kept the Cracker Horses from becoming extinct. The family names include the Ayers, Harvey, Bronson, Matchett, Partin and Whaley names.

Each year the Florida Cracker Horse Association hosts an auction that sells quality horses from these families each with their own line of the Cracker Horse breed.

I didn’t know what to expect at the auction, thinking at first that it was like a regular auction where I might see horses in not so great condition. Thankfully that was not the case. The horses that were sold were mostly young and very beautiful. The negative part was each horse was sold for very cheap, like $150. I think the most any one went for was $275 and that was a Dunn mare with zebra stripes, older. I guess the bad economy has even made it’s way to the Cracker Horse.

I did meet many devoted people at the auction that breed and sell these Cracker Horses. Their passion for preserving the breed is hard work, dedication and is very admirable. There was also a chicken cook off for lunch right there at the auction grounds on a huge Florida ranch that is owned by the state. We sat under the beautiful Live oak trees enjoying our lunch, it couldn’t be a better Saturday.

If you want more info on the Florida Cracker Horse, go to: http://www.floridacrackerhorses.com

To view my images of the Cracker Horse Auction go to: http://www.iconphotosbykaren.com/Client-Photos-Shows/Cracker-Horse-Auction/19697281_pd2Vn2#1545695139_fR4CqdP



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Having a great August with tons of photo sessions

Wow, this has been a fabulous summer for my photography! Many different kinds of photo sessions have made it very fun and interesting. Here are some images from my favorite shoots, actually all of them are my favorite. From the Mother and Daughter to the horses and kids I love them all. Some of them very challenging too. One time I was at a photo session and I was plum out of ideas! What do ya do when that happens??? Well, I told myself to “pull it together Karen” these people are counting on me, so I stopped telling myself I was a bad photographer, set up my next shot starting with something that I knew, a familiar shot that I know works. All my sessions are outdoors and most in places I’ve never been before. So in addition to the regular lighting, posing, people and animal placement I have an unfamiliar place to organize. Sometimes it gets crazy but I really try to relax, and work it through so that everyone feels comfy and not stressed. That usually is enough to get my creative juices flowing…

Here are some fun images I’ve done lately. Hope you like them. To view more of my portfolio go to: http://www.iconphotosbykaren.com

Thank you and happy summer… what’s left of it.


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It’s Senior Portrait Time!

It looks like Senior Portrait season is getting into full swing!

The senior portrait has become a very important part of high school graduation. Each student comes to me with their own fun personality and interests and I really strive to bring that out in their portraits. I just love seeing what they will bring for clothes and getting ideas on what kind of pictures they want. Some of them want very simple shots and some like really elaborate photos including portraits with animals and sports props, prom dresses etc. With my sessions there is not much I can’t do and have fun doing it.

For seniors, I offer a two different sittings, one that is my basic package that offers one location of their choice with a few wardrobe changes. It includes head shots, 3/4 shots and all body shots with a variety of background settings personalizing it for each person.

The second sitting offers two locations, many wardrobe changesĀ  also include head shots, 3/4 shots and all body shots with a variety of background settings. This sitting is perfect for those seniors who have pets such as horses, dogs or just want more variety of settings. With the two locations on this sitting it’s easy to get many different poses and looks from barns to downtown it’s really fun and very personalized!

All my photos are done in natural lighting outdoor. For both sittings I really take the time to create the photo session that is fun, relaxing and brings out the best in all my subjects (human and animal).

For more information on senior portraits from Icon Studios go to:


Call for your sitting today!




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