Creativity has always been my thing. I was always drawing (mostly horses) when I was a kid. In high school I took a commercial art class that introduced me to the idea that I might be able to do art for a living. ha. anyway…. I graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1985, as I was attending the two year program for Commercial Art andDesign, the school changed over from the very reputable Burnley School of Art to the Art Institute of Seattle. Going to this school was a dream of mine from early High School years when our class took a tour of the school, they were really particular on the students they accepted. So without my knowledge, my Father had made an appointment to show my portfolio to the school administrator. Shocked and nervous I tried to choose some of my good pieces of art and my Dad drove me up to Seattle from our home in Tacoma… I was thrilled when got the acceptance letter!

The school was in an old building said to have a ghost, (well I never seen the ghost anyway). It was located on Capitol Hill in downtown Seattle, WA. It was an old building without good running water but lots of lighting with large windows. The professors were all working in the field of design, art and photography and very talented. We had life drawing (yes naked people), color composition, graphic design classes which all shaped the way I now see the world of design. Even to this day when I am stuck with a design and need inspiration I go to my “graphic design elements” book that I made in school it helps me think.

Through the years of working at printing and production companies I landed a job as lead designer (it was just me actually) for a coin collectible company in Minnesota. From there I entered into the world of coin and stamp collectibles. After working there for about 7 years I had many clients in the collectible world and was freelancing on the side at night (with two children yes it was crazy), I left and went on my own to persue a career in freelance graphic design. At first I concentrated on food packaging and also kept many coin and collectible clients from connections in the coin world, but through the years I dropped the food packaging to concentrate on just designing for coin companies.

Almost all the years of my life I have enjoyed photography, it was a hobby at first, then I built a dark room in my house and I would do presents and fun things for family and fun. But, after about 12 years of that my friends encouraged me to do it professionally. Now this all sounds like it might be easy, but as I know building a business is hard and challenging even if you are really good at what you do. So, I bought my first professional camera and have never looked back. The work I do as a photographer is such a feel good job, when I take photo of people it’s a memory in their life they will always cherish.

My indisputable photographic specialty is to capture the equine spirit, and that secret bond between a person and their horse. I love images when the subject is not looking at the camera, when I can be part of their world and somehow capture their feelings. Since I started photographing professionally I have had the opportunity to do many aspects of photography, commercial, farm shoots, humanitarian, portraits, senior high school photos, and I really can’t say that I like one better then the other. I really enjoy them all and try my best to photograph each sitting to the best of my creative ability. I think it’s important to work with the most updated equipment and technology, I provide incomparable service to my clients which has always been an uncompromising part of my business plan.

Based near Ocala, FL, I enjoy riding, traveling and fine art photography for fun. Most of my photographs are available for sale, either in print form or as licensed images.

Please visit me portfolio website at My Portfolio Here

As an animal lover and especially after moving to my small farm in Florida I have had the opportunity to start a breeding program of my Australian Labradoodles. I breed for standard and medium sized mulit-generational authentic Australian Labradoodles. To learn more about my breeding program please go to Sunrise Australian Labradoodles

This blog is a great way for me to connect with my customers, give tips and advice about taking great photos. So keep tuned in …

Thank you,

Karen Kennedy

Icon Studios Photograhy

Sunrise Australian Labradoodles


2 Responses to About

  1. cynthia phillips says:

    I just looked at you page it is just lovely, very well done thank you, cindy

  2. iconphotos says:

    Thank you Cindy! I do portraits so if you or anyone you know would want me to photograph you just let me know. Take care.

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