Well, I’ve come to like Goats! Yes, I know they smell and they can be aggressive but after getting to know them they grow on you.

My first experience with goats was the day my new neighbor in FL who has many goats called me over to their pasture where one  the goats was having a baby. So, being a photographer and all I hurried over with my camera in hand and took lots of fun pics of the Momma and the new baby. Then, it was clear she was having twins. The next baby  only partly came out with one leg and not head showing. Usually they come out like diving, two front legs with the head inbetween. So my neighbor who is not goat savy by any means brings out a rubber glove and hands it to me… The answer is Yes. I put the glove on and to save the nanny goats life I put my hand up her and turned the baby around so both front legs were  out and after pulling for over a half hour it finally came out. I was in tears as the baby had no life in him and the nanny refused to lick the sack he was covered in away so I proceeded to clean him up as the Nanny kept cleaning the healthy baby. After about 15 minutes (or maybe it seemed that long) the baby started breathing and moving. After many times of trying to get the Nanny to clean him she finally did. The limp body of the poor thing was so sad, I thought for sure he was going to be paralized but after about 45 minutes he started to stir and move his legs. Yeah, our hard work had paid off!

Now this goat is about 8 months old, and his name is “Lucky”.

Once in a while my neighbor will put goats in my back pasture to eat down all the vegetation. I love this because they are like weed wackers they eat all around the trees and the jumps set up, even in the arena where some grass grows.

These photos are the “goats” I have in my back pasture this week

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. When taking photos of goats, have them a little clean, always use at least a 135mm zoom and showing their features is what makes the photos striking… the beard, the horns, the eyes.

Anyway, have fun with them and all small animals… next my new chickens!



About iconphotos

I am a professional photographer based in Florida. I am available for portraits, commercial work, and farm photography. I specialize in animals and people subject.
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