My Little Pony… Jet

I’ve always wanted a pony. Yes, I’m 47 years only and still wishing for a pony. Well I finally got one, and he is so cute. First of all he is actually not a “pony”, he is a Miniature Horse. Which is really funny to me  because my other equine partner is a 14.2 hand German Ridng “Pony”, yes that is his breed, he is actually a pony but looks like a small horse. So… I have a “Horse” that is as tall as my belt buckle, and a Pony that looks like a horse! Go figure…

My mini’s name is Jet, he is jet black with no markings. At dark when I go check on them I absolutely cannot see him, he is so black, sometimes he is standing right in front of me and I can’t see him. Jet is only a yearling, his registered name is Limited Power, he is very large for a Miniature Horse and when I go to finalize his registry at the age of three he will probably not be able to be registered because he’ll be too tall.

Jet is a spit fire with lots and lots of personality. He loves to turn around and point his butt at you then kick and run away tossing his head and bucking… we are working on this behavior. I am teaching him to be a solid citizen. Right now for a yearling that means, walking nicely on the lead, standing to be groomed, feet trimmed, washed. I do something with him everyday and twice a week I lunge him. He knows “walk”, “trot” and “canter” ques on the lead. But I try not to canter him too much at this age, maybe more next year. I also have my neighbors 8 yr old grandson come over once in a while to have him lead Jet and groom him so he is used to kids. So far his training is going really well. I eventually want to drive him (carriage/cart), I think that will be fun when I have grandkids myself.

I have had Jet for 5 months now and I am having a blast with him. He makes me smile everyday. These pictures were taken last week, I was just getting done riding my other horse Magnus and Jet was in the paddock by himself running around and kicking up a storm and the lighting was so great as the sun was setting. So I ran to get my camera and by the time I got out there to photograph him he was done and standing there looking at me like I was crazy that I wanted him to run around again. Ha, that’s a mini for you. Anyway, that’s my story with my Mini, he is Magnus’s best friend and they really like hanging out together. Magnus puts up with him and and Jet leads where they go in the pasture, that to me is funny and fun to watch my bigger horse (pony) follow him around.

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