Magnus Now Lives in Florida!

Well, at 2:00 AM this morning of November 9th, Magnus arrived at his new home in Anthony, FL. He traveled “first class” in a 10×10 box with 5 other horses aboard. The  truck was so big they didn’t want to drive up the back driveway which is not paved but is very wide. I think they would have been fine but it was dark and hard to see. As I was walking up through the back pasture to the barn with him, he was hearing cows, chickens, Parrots (the guy next door they talk all day and night) and goats.

He settled right into his comfy stall that I had ready for him. The trees by the barn drop acorns all the time so with the cows mooing the acorns dropping on the roof he was a bit nervous. He didn’t eat much but did chow down his grain this morning.

Anyway, he is here… safe and SOUND. Thank you Lord! I have him in the smaller pasture today so he can get used to grass as he has not been on much this summer. I have to get a water tank for the larger pasture anyway yet. There is water in all the pastures and I can’t wait for the back pasture with all the Live Oaks to be fenced.

Here are some photos of his first day here! He did run around at first but of course I didn’t have my camera ready… what kinda photographer am I?

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I am a professional photographer based in Florida. I am available for portraits, commercial work, and farm photography. I specialize in animals and people subject.
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2 Responses to Magnus Now Lives in Florida!

  1. Kristin says:

    Karen, He looks soooo happy and a little tired too! Your place looks beautiful 🙂 do u believe you own a horse farm?? Did you pinch yourself yet?

    • iconphotos says:

      Yeah, he’s tired and a bit stressed, has been calling to a horse on the next property all day. He’s all sweaty but still eating. Needs to be clipped too. Calming now that it’s later in the day. I am so happy to have him here. Yes, gotta pinch myself especially when I go in the barn… I’ve always wanted a barn, could live there!
      Have to enclose my tack room, some things are getting moldy. putting him in the big pasture with lots of grass tomorrow but will have to wean him on that even though the grass is not very rich being careful is good.
      I wish I had Panda! I am looking for a pony. Would like a mini but sometimes they can’t go on grass all day, so contacted the rescues and bunch of people to look for a free one for me.
      Anyway, thanks and hope you are well.

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